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HR Expertise & Guidance

Building a successful HR infrastructure, dealing with, and solving employee issues are time
consuming, confusing and challenging tasks. You need to have the right programs, policies and
tools in place to ensure your organization is protected all while meeting the needs of your business and your budget. We have experience in managing the many complexities of HR, we can help you lay the sustainable foundations, or enhancements that will ensure your team can deliver HR services in a way that is both efficient and effective, and guide you with expert advice when things go wrong.

Legislation Experts

Ever changing legislation can be difficult to keep up with, interpreting and making sense of how they relate to your business is challenging.  New health and safety requirements and Bills can be consuming and overwhelming.  We are here to assist, to ensure compliance and understanding of your obligations as a small and medium size business owner.  ESA and Human Rights complaints? we can guide your through these and get to you a solution with costing you a fortunate!

Policy & Process Development

Having the right policies and processes in place is critical to a position and compliant workplace.  We can help design simple cost effective ones to ensure your business has the foundation it needs.


Finding and keeping the right people is challenging for small and medium businesses.  We can help with your recruitment of positions you need filled and proving tools for retention of these valuable employees.   We provide assistance with Employment contracts, and employee orientation plans.

Performance Management

By not managing employee performance issues it can lead to on-going, multiplying issues that continuously get worst…. Causing frustration and upset within your business and amongst employees.  We will provide you with coaching, support, tools and plans on dealing with problem employees.  Helping to develop performance reviews and training for your managers. 


Ending employment relations is never easy, regardless of the reasons why, you want to ensure you are doing it correct to avoid future litigation and complaints from legal or legislative bodies. Let us help you through the process of what is required.   We can help with the documentation and how to hold respectful termination conversations and the dos and don’t of what to say,  we are there to coach you all the way.

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions can help clarify roles and pay rates.  They are great tools when recruiting.  We will help you development and write your job descriptions so they reflect what you want out of the role with accurate, desired responsibilities and qualifications for the role by having the correct core competencies.

Succession Planning

Having the right people, with the right skills is key to future planning for a successful business. Development of skills and having plans for your current employees will allow you to ensure you have future leaders.  We can help you Identifying your beach strength and seeing where you are weak by creating a workforce plan and identifying your stars.


We provide leadership coaching but we also provide coaching on every human resource area of your business.  Whether you need advice on a new hire, or employee performance issues or a termination package we are here to talk and walk you through the process

Labour Relations

If you are a unionized environment, we can provide expert advice on grievances and arbitrations.

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